Netgear router-Sunrocket VOIP, Bit torrents connection HELP?

Hi I have a Netgear Wireless route with Sunrocket VOIP Service. I was having problems with my voice quality so i changed the order of the connects. Before i had it from the cable medem to the Netgear router to the VOIP box. Now i have it from the cable modem to the VOIP Box to the netgear router. Sound quailty seems to be a little bit better but still unsure about that, but now i can't seem to open up a connection for my bit torrents so i cannot download stuff fast anymore.

Is there anyway to keep it connected the way i have it now and open up a port through the VOIP box. The VOIP box seems to be blocking connection for me.

Please help.
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  1. Looking at your setup I would say the best option (if your router supports it) is to conenct your modem to your router, then connect your VOIP gateway to the switch side of your router and modify the settings in your netgear router to use QoS or Quality of Service. This will allow you to set a priority for your VoIP packets so that your voice quality doesn't degrade but at the same time lets your computer connected to the router have full access. Don't expect miracles out of this either, with limited bandwidth your going to have to slow something down but it is better to use QoS because those packets need to be 'on time' so you wont have a bad delay on the phone (ever start a conversation just to hear the person on the other side just receive it a minute later?). If you are experiencing major delays in your torrent traffic I would recommend poking a hole in your router to forward the torrent ports to your computer so that should speed up. If you need help on setting up QoS just look at your router manual or it might be included in your VoIP kit.
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