Vista can't uninstall some apps including Nero

I've installed a couple applications in Vista. Nero 7 wouldn't work in Vista when I tried to installed it. I got an error during install. I downloaded Nero 8 and then tried to install it. It said it had to uninstall Nero 7 first (which is fine). I previously tried to uninstall nero 7 but I received errors. Now when trying to Install Nero 8 I get an error during install. Is there an app that can uninstall certain applications or an application you want? I also had problems uninstalling Acrobat 8 and Crysis; I get errors.
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  1. It's hard to help when there isn't specific information to go on:

    (1) How are you uninstalling?? Remove program in Windows?? Or via the Uninstaller associated with the given program?

    (2) What is the error? Is it the same all the time? Or are there different errors?? If there are different errors, then what are they?
  2. The thing about Vista is that ever since I switched to it some of the apps I install don't show up in the start menu. Ahead does not show up, EA games didn't for Crysis, Acrobat 8 didn't, but I managed to install it by using system restore. The program folders are in the program files folder though, which is weird. I went into the Nero folder in program files and ran the uninstall but nothing happened. Then I tried to go through control panel. The uninstall started but I got a message "Windows installer has stopped working" and then I can go online to check for a solution or close the program. This windows installer thing seems to come up often.

    When I go to details:
    The problem even name is "APPCRASH"
    and then there is a whole bunch of stuff after that.

    When I close the program another window pops up that says:

    "Internal Error:

    Custom Action DLL crashed on last call in function 'NeroAg_UnregisterComEx'. The installer must now exit.

    Crash Thread ID 3456
    Current Thread ID 3176"

    Is there a problem with windows installer?
  3. I am also facing the same problem and getting the same msg. Can anyone tell me what to do now. I have also deleted Nero folder from Programe files, still not able to uninstall Nero 7.
  4. Nero 7 is available in two versions xp and xp/vista

    there is info on nero's website what to do as well as a nero clean tool
  5. Wouldn't hurt to run memtest to ensure your RAM is ok. The programs should show up in the start menu... there's nothing I've installed that hasn't shown up in mine... which makes me think there's something seriously wrong with your Windows install or you have a virus or some other type of malware. If your RAM passes the test, the next thing I'd do is run some sort of virus scan.
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