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I'm getting ready to buy Vista (it's been a difficult struggle getting to this point...). I plan on haveing 4 gigs of ram or more. I know I need 64 bit. Is the 64 bit Vista a separate product from the 32 bit? Are they both included in the same box?

Also, what is recommended for gaming: Home, Home Premium, or Business? Does it matter?

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  1. If you buy Ultimate, there are both 64 bit and a 32 bit DVDs in the box.

    Otherwise, you can buy a 64 bit version of whichever flavor you want. If you have, or bought, a 32 bit version, Microsoft will send you a 64 bit CD for a shipping/handling charge. Something like 11 bucks.

    As far as what is in which box:

    Home Premium is probably what most should get, though if you have your own favorite (non-Microsoft...) apps for pictures, movies, and whatnot then there's a bit less value in it for you.
  2. Great advice as I use OpenOffice.org, Thunderbird (email client) Picasa (pictures) and Trillian/Pidgin (IM programs) I like them a lot better than the mainstream MS products, i.e., Outlook, MS Office Suite, Windows Live Messenger, etc. I opted for Vista basic in advance and currently enjoy the install as I do not personally care for all the bells and whistles of Aero. I wanted the new OS, but a streamlined version and that is exactly what I have. Check out my system specs in my signature. My machine runs flawlessly and has from the day I first booted Vista. It is a 32 bit install however.
  3. Please note that there is no upgrade from 32 to 64bits. Full reinstall.
  4. I just went with vista64 home premium. I figured 64bit is the future, why buy 32bit. It was only $104 at newegg.
  5. LoneEagle said:
    Please note that there is no upgrade from 32 to 64bits. Full reinstall.

    For sure! And I look forward to that too which most likely will mean a whole new computer for me. Oh the suffering! :kaola:
  6. Main thing with 64 bit,

    make sure all your hardware and software will work with it as things that work with 32 bit may not work with 64 bit.

    If everything works, you will be fine; but be aware if you have anything that is legacy as far as hardware/software they may not work - check with vendors if this you have legacy software/hardware. If you are going all new, you still need to be wary but should be fine as long as you check compatibility with 64 bit vista prior to purchase.
  7. For sure! Thanks for the heads up on Legacy. I do plan on staying at least a year behind all technology. That has been my rule for the last 18 years or so. I have had very good success this way, avoiding many complications with compatibility and such. :bounce:
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