Keep Windows XP Alive Petition - Down with Vista
Sign this petition if you think Microsoft isn't honoring their paying customers. We like XP, not Vista. Vista is crap. Microsoft already knows this but won't concede defeat! They are making concessions but are too proud to admit defeat even though their customers are downgrading in droves.
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  1. Micorosoft will listen to customers ??? i don't think so dude.
  2. I have gone back to XP, Vista is Junk
  3. I recently purchased a Dell laptop with Vista Business edition, just before they started offering XP as an option. After running the system for about 2 months, using it strictly for web browsing (via IE) and Office 2007, the system corrupted to the point of having to be reloaded. This happened not once but twice. The Dell support was just as baffled. I could no longer trust Vista after that and seeing as my wife was using the machine for work I no longer trusted it. I had to go out and purchase XP Pro because Dell refused to exchange the OS. (That one's a shame-on-Dell and probably caused me never to purchase an other Dell product, but that's a different rant)
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