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Right now my PC has 2 HDD, One 120GB(C:,E:) and One 60GB(D:). The 120GB is partitioned into 2, 110GB(E:) and 5GB(C:). The OS is installed on E:. I have 512+256 pc2700 mem. My paging file is setup as:

C:- 500MB-501MB
D:- 700MB-1000GB

Is this ok? Or should something be changed?

My system seems to be a little sluggish, and I think the paging has something to do with it.
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  1. Im only running one hdd with 3 partitions with win 98 2000 xp but my sys only runs one pagefile at a time in unused hdd space.

    Im not sure about 2 hdd but I would think that you would only have one pagefile as you only have 1 operating system.

    If I read this correctly you have a 5gig partition. I would aim the pagefile there. Its small enough to be used for all things temporary in fact. Ive heard of defragging a page file so why not just delete it at shutdown along with all things temp? eg temp internet files etc

    Oddly I turned my pagefile off one day to do something and I havent turned it back on. I havent noticed a difference. I am currently converting a avi. file to dvd while doing this, and that requires some hdd time. Plaese note that I have 1 1/2 gigs memory. 50 dollars well spent. good luck
  2. By default your page file should be 1.5x the amount of RAM your computer has. 1GB ram would be 1.5GB page file.
  3. Yes, 1.5x of RAM is a good number. So 1024 x 1.5 equals 1536, try that number. Also, try using your D drive for the pagefile (or any drive where your OS is not installed), and the most important thing: Make the pagefile static, not dynamic. That means your minimum and maximum should be 1536. If a program needs more pagefile (a yellow triangle with a "!" will appear in the tray), raise it, but raise both values. Dynamic changes to the pagefile are usually a killer in XP. One last thing: Keep your pagefile in one piece (defragged). You could use the offline defrag of PerfectDisk, but if you need a free solution, try PageDefrag.
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