Need a driver for my printer and SHARP is no help

I have a SHARP AL-1655CS coper/printer/scanner and once I installed Windows 64 and tried to install the printer drivers I got an error that I'm not using Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista. THis is obviously impossible. I was trying to install the driver I downloaded from SHARPS WEBSITE!!! I contacted them about the problem. I'm assuming that the drivers were not compatible with Vista 64. I was correct. The customer service rep told me that the drivers were not compatible with Vista 64. SHe wrote:

"To obtain the Windows Vista 32-bit driver, please visit the below web site:

The AL Series of copiers do not have support for any 64-bit operating system.

The driver download will only allow PC functionality with a 32-bit edition of Vista. "

I clearly wrote in my email I have Vista 64. I've searched all over the web and can't find a driver for this printer. Does anyone know of one that might be compatible?
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  1. Have you tried an older driver, as in a driver for windows 2000, and try to run it in compatibility mode when you do your setup, as I'm thinking windows 2000 probably did not support 64 bit. So maybe it's possible to fool it into thinking your running 32 bit?
  2. How do I run it in compatibility mode? Do I have to open it as an app in windows vista? I just open the exe file and let it do it's thing which is obviously not working.
  3. Usually you can right click, go to properties, and then to compatibility, or if you do a search under "Help and Support" in your start menu, then punch in program compatibility, you should be able to start the program compatibility wizard from in there. Once you run that, you will need to navigate to your .exe file, and tell it what compatibility mode you want, so like windows 2000, disable visual themes, etc. etc. I'm not saying it WILL work, but it's worth a shot. You've definitely got nothing to lose. But I'm wondering if you use compatibility for windows 2000 if you can force the program to think it's in a 32 bit environment, keep in mind there though, you may have to use a windows 2000 driver. Now, you might also search for a 64 bit XP driver, it MAY work for you can't tell you anything but give it a shot.
  4. Hopefully you won't be stuck though, I know some printers were a pain in the neck when vista first arrived.
  5. Unfortunately, it didn't work. Some of the other Sharp printers are supported by Vista and XP 64 bit but they say this one isn't. What the hew??? Is there a website that may have a driver that's compatible?
  6. Uhm, you might try some search engines, maybe someone else had the same problem and you'll find a third party driver. Otherwise, you might be out of luck unless you buy a new printer or go to windows 32 bit.
  7. I am adding this because I just got my windows 7 64 bit machine and could not use the AL-1655cs all in one that we have on the network and saw this on google and was disappointed that there is no 64 bit driver, but after writing Sharp, I got an email pretty quickly that sent me to this site with the driver:

    It worked great for me...both the printer and scanner work.

    Go Coogs!
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