Nvidia 8600gts crashing

Im getting alot of bluescreens and crashes with a new 8600GTS i picked up.

It is a replacement for my ATI 1950pro which died.

When i installed the 8600gts, i still had the ATI drivers installed (i couldnt uninstall them cuz my 1950pro was dead). I unstinstalled ATI drivers, rebooted, installed the 8600gts drivers.

Im not having luck with stability in any game. I get random blue screens and freezups.

Im wondering if i should return the card, or reinstall windows XP fresh and see what happens.

Or any other suggestions?

2g ram
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  1. What is your PSU?
  2. 500 watt Enermax Liberty
  3. Besides you CPU, RAM and GPU, list all the other components in your system, including hard drives, fans, controllers, peripherals that draw power from the system, all of that. I have a feeling it might be a power drain.
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