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VPN Guru's,

My department of 9 developers is moving to a separate location. The infrastructure manager's recommendation is for us all to connect locally to a Cisco ASA 5505 (adaptive security appliance) and that will VPN to out main location.

My concern is that when we need to do such things as download a service pack or large data file from the internet we are going to be restricted by going through the VPN tunnel. Being that we are developers that happens a lot.

My question is if these ASA devices are smart enough to bypass the VPN when we go to the internet, or does it have to travel all the way through the tunnel and therefore we must suffer the slow speeds?

Thank for the help, I know you are the best
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  1. It'll go out through your ISP if its setup correctly. They wouldn't want your bandwidth using up their connection.

    Basically, they want to reduce the amount of traffic coming across the VPN connection so you'll go outside the VPN to download whatever you want - if its setup that way.
  2. Thanks, so if configured properly there shouldn't be a problem. This should be fun...most infrastructure do not like to be told by developers how to set up thier network :roll:

    Thanks for the help,
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