Netbook's Linpus needs replacing with Win XP

I have Linpus pre-loaded on my Netbook (no cd drive etc so must use external USB optical drive). Linpus is a very poor o/s and, as my desktop runs XP it will make life much easier if I use it on both machines. So what is the most straightforward and easiest way to remove Linpus and install XP?
Please keep answers simple - one mail I have just read says "Much easier to just zero-fill the drive" Erm - exactly. Now just how is that done?
I haven't a clue how the disc is partitioned on the Netbook, if it is at all, as Linpus doesn't seem to want to divulge that sort of information. I've read to 'simply enter "xxxxx...asjh" or whatever' but no one says where or how.
I find Linux and the associated communities to be very unhelpful as they assume everyone knows how to use Linux. I did know a very little about Unix - almost 12 years ago but that has all been forgotten and it was a netwroked system, not a lowly little netbook.
Someone must have a Netbook which has been converted to run Windows?
Please help.
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  1. You need to contact the NetBook manufacturers for help.
    The build of XP used on some Netbooks isn't the same as the one used on Desktop PC's, only the manufacturer can supply the correct build and lisence.
  2. BOLB - What is the model of netbook? I've looked at doing this on my brothers eeePC before now but went with Ubuntu as it worked for him. In the case of the eee you had to buy your own copy of Windows XP and then follow the instructions on the Asus site and down load their drivers for the touch pannel, wifi etc. At the time there was not much option but to borrow an external DVD drive, nowadays you might have some joy with unetbootin which allows you to copy a CD to a pen drive and boot from that.

    In terms of how your disk is partitioned I think the comments that you have had are correct, simply put you would erase the entire contents of the drive (delete the existing partitions) when you install XP.

    Finally... does it have to be XP? Linpus is something of a WindowsME of the Linux world so please don't throw the baby out with the bath water.
  3. Thanks for the helpful comments. :)
    (Sorry for the emoticon- that bouncy green one is a bit manic!)

    The Netbook is an Acer aspire One - when bought, Windows wasn't an option for it.
    Will try Ubunto (got onto a stick thrugh the Unetbootin route).
    I suspect my Windows disc will demand registration and that will mean paying ......

    Drivers are the main problem with Linux for me along with ignorance of the easy things eg "then install in the usual way". People assume everyone knows these things...
    The main reason is that I need a Pay-as-you-Go Dongle but they all seem to be for Windows or Mac and the others are contract. It wouldn't be used very often so a contract would be over expensive.
    (PS. There are a lot of Windows adds on this Linux page aren't there!)
  4. Ahh.. now one workaround for the dongle issue is to get a 3G router. They were about £60 last time I looked with a pre-pay sim. They just give you an ethernet interface so no config required on the PC :) Down size is that it's about the size of a packet of smokes and would need to be cable connected. I hear tales that some of the dongles work naively but never tested myself.

    As for the drivers most things are covered out of the box. If you need something specific ask the question here and you should get a decent answer.
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