Install Windows 95 On a Modern Computer

I have a computer with more than 480 mb of RAM and too much processor speed, but I want to dual boot it with windows 8.

Specs: 3rd gen intel i3 (only 1.8 ghz, 3m cache, dual core, 4 threads)

4 gigs of ram

64 bit

dell bios

500 gigs of hdd

hd integrated graphics

usb and 3.0
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  1. Windows 95 isn't going to run on that hardware for a great many reasons, not the least of which is that there are no drivers for the hardware.
  2. It's a new partition. Would the installation disk think it was a new computer? I think it installs the drivers automatically. Windows 7 and 8 do.
  3. The problem is that Windows 95 drivers for your hardware probably just don't exist. The hardware didn't exist when the OS was written, and Windows 95 is now so obsolete that hardware manufacturers just don't write drivers for Windows 95.

    Use a Virtual Machine if you must run Windows 95.
  4. Ijack said:
    Use a Virtual Machine if you must run Windows 95.

    That is just what I told him on the duplicate thread! ;)
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