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Just assembled a new m4a785td based HTPC. Installed Karmic (Ubuntu 9.10) and everything flies. But I don't think I'm getting sound on any port. Ideas?
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  1. Maybe try Linux Mint? this is a downstream distro from Ubuntu, which among other things includes many built in media codecs. Using it I've never had a codec issue, so I don't know if this is what they look like. Also, on mintcast.org they have the first part of a walkthrough they are doing on setting up mythTV for a HTPC.
  2. The reason that Ubuntu does not include the codecs by default is that they are closed source and not something that they maintain. If you want them they are but a few mouse clicks away. For a HTPC build I would think that Mythbuntu would be ideal as Myth is set-up from the start so near zero configuration required.

    In terms of the sound issue is this still a problem for the OP?
    Not a codec issue, or a connection problem.
    Turns out the problem that mixer volumes are turned down by default.
    "alsamixer" on the command line brings up the volume controls.
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