Wierd random audio plays in windows, help?

I'm running windows vista, and i believe it might of done it on xp along time ago, not sure. But anyways, every now and then, i used to hear a "cracking of a whip" sound like every minute or two, and it's very annoying. Then recently in the last week, the whipping sound is gone, but now it's been replaced with about a 1 second porn theme kind of sound. I believe the culprit to be ffdshow, but i cannot find out how to turn the noise off, or even if it is ffdshow for sure. Any help at all would be great, thanks in advanced.
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  1. Sounds like you have a Virus and/or spyware. You'll need to clean it.
  2. yeah i've considered that, but for some reason i think it's just ffdshow mainly for the reason when the sound happens, ffdshow's tray icon appears for that brief moment, then disappear. I've disabled the tray icon in ffdshow since, and now the icon doesn't show, but the sound still plays.
  3. OK - Go into the control panel, add/remove programs, and uninstall ffdshow. If the sound stops, you've definitively found and solved the problem. But if you need specific advice regarding ffdshow, I'm not going to be able to help you much as I've not used it. You'd probably be better off on a forum with users of that program.

    I checked the site for this: and I don't see any reference to Vista. So one thing you might try before removing it: Right click the program icon, and select 'Properties' at the bottom of the drop down. On the menu that pops up, choose 'Compatibility'. Check the box to activate compatibility mode for the program and choose which mode (XP..) you would like that program to run in. See does that solve your issue.
  4. alright thanks alot for your time, i'll go ahead and give it a shot and see what happens. :)
  5. So were you able to find out why window has that whipping sound and what triggers it? I have that same problem too.
  6. I'm running xp, and have exactly the same problem, ie weird random whip noise. Haven't been able to find any info on it anywhere, but am a little worried as have only yesterday formatted and reinstalled and already, after only a few hrs use, IE is crawling. Is it possible that one of the files I backed up was infected?

    Am beginning to suspect it may have sth to do with Daemon tools as that's one of the few programs currently installed (Or maybe DC++ ?).

    If anyone knows anyth about this rather odd problem, please post back... it's driving me mad.
  7. I am having the problem as well I have reinstalled windows and it was back instantly after a format, so i have no clue no I also have a creaking noise as well.
  8. I'm having the same problem, been having it for a few weeks.

    The audio is a lot greater than my regular audio so if i'm listening to music and it's turned up a bit, randomly FFDshow shows up and plays and scares the hell out of me lol. It's random too.

    It plays a part of Linkin parks "Crawling in my Skin"

    The exact part it plays is "Crawling in my" then it stops and comes back either in a matter of minutes our hours. It's extremely random, I don't even have a MP3 of linkin park on this computer. What could be the problem?

    Maybe a virus?

    If anyone has solved this please e-mail me
  9. Hi, I used to have the same problem. A few days ago some weird noise (like a chime) started to play on my PC. It was seemed to play randomly and for a short moment. At the same time an icon was showing up in the taskbar and was dissapearing right after the sound ended. It was ffdshow audio decoder icon. I disabled the icon through ffdshow settings, even complately uninstalled ffdshow, the strange sound kept on popping. I tried to look at the taskbar when the sound plays, but nothing unfamiliar showed up on the programs list. Even monitoring the running processes with the procmon utility, I couldn't find anything unfamiliar. You know, the sound really made me paranoid :) I wondered if my PC was effected by adware, spyware, trojan or virus. Somehow later I discovered that, the weird chime sound was caused by my digital clock widget at every hour :) I must be getting too old for realising that :) I had installed it with the Yahoo Widgets a few days ago.

    A program or something you did installed in recent days should cause those strange sounds, try to remember. And be careful, it can be a spyware too...
  10. I had the exact same problem. I was hearing random noises, including an owl, whip, and parts of some song. Well, I just figured it!! I had just setup a new Windows 7 install and I installed the latest AOL IM. In the latest version (latest for me) each of your buddies can assign their own expression. These expressions include icons, wallpapers and SOUNDS! By default, AOL IM plays your buddies sounds when they log on. So one of my friends has an owl sounds and someone has a whip sound (not sure who it is yet!) There is an option to turn this off.

    Here is the site where you setup the sounds for AOL IM.

    Hope this helps!
  11. Actually, I read it was a motherboard signal sent to your speakers telling you that the motherboard fan is failing o the volts/watts/ whatever the hell else is out of whack and is endangering your computer. I got weird carnival music that you might hear while High, and I just researched it and it's a safety feature for Vista.
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