98 SE won't install on IBM Netvista

First post here, hey everyone :D

I've got a Netvista A30 model 831561U. It runs a 1.8 GHz P4, Intel 845GL chipset, mobo p/n 49P1605.

I installed 98 SE, and in Device Manager, I get the following yellow exclamation points under "Other Devices"; PCI ethernet controller, PCI multimedia audio device, PCI system management bus, PCI universal serial bus, and unknown device. It won't connect to the internet.

Now, obviously the answer is to install the required drivers, but the problem is that IBM motherboard support is horrendous; unlike other manufacturers, they don't give specifics, and they don't have the drivers I need on the Lenovo site. I did try to use the 3com ethernet driver they recommended; didn't work...but they also say IF the mobo has a hint as to what else it might have. They make no mention of audio chipset either.

I know the problem isn't with the computer itself; it will run xp all day long with nary a whimper. I"m at wit's end trying to find the right drivers for this install.....any ideas? Any help is appreciated, as I bought this rig specifically to run 98.
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  1. You say the computer will run XP; so have a look at Device Manager in XP and note down the hardware details of all the devices. Then you will know which 98 drivers to look for.

    IBM/Lenovo support is superb; you wouldn't even find 98 drivers on most manufacturers' web sites.
  2. Thanks for the excellent tip, I never thought of that! I'll keep everyone posted.
  3. Ijack, I found/installed the correct ethernet driver, so now I can get online. I am working on finding the others, and I'll keep everyone posted. Thanks for your help!
  4. Ok guys, I got the internet, video and sound all updated, and the computer will surf the net. BUT, I have not found drivers for PCI System Management Bus, PCI Universal Serial Bus, or Other Device (I have no clue what that one is). I looked under both Intel and Lenovo support, no dice. I have two questions at this point:

    1)Is it possible that the drivers are on those pages but are called something else? I don't know enough about computers to recognize something like that.

    2)Do I really need to install drivers for those, or is the computer good enough as-is? I'm really just using it to surf the net. Thanks for any help you can give!
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    If the computer is working then I wouldn't worry too much. PCI universal serial bus is USB support; other could be a built-in modem or something simliar. But, if it works it works!
  6. I'm pretty sure I saw a USB support driver so I'll install that for the others, I won't worry about it.

    Thanks again for the help!
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