Crash on Install, Striker/Q6600/GF8800/Corsair

2x E-VGA GeForce 8800 GT (Superclocked) - Bios Version 62.92 1F.00.02 (have updated bios on both GPUs)
ASUS Striker 680i, BIOS Revision 0605 (date: 08/22/2007) (have updated bios)
Q6600 running at 2,4 GHz
8 GB Corsair (TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX)
Raptor X 150 hdd.

I had 8gb ram in, now only 4 (took 2 dimms out) and after that i managed to install XP 32 bit,
but still no luck installing Vista 64 bit.

Updated the hardware bios's i could and XP runs fine, but i need Vista installed and its
not getting so far, before all HW Updates i crashed on Initial Vista Install, but now i can get past
all that and to where its unpacking for ages.. then when its to reboot and start vista for the first time... CRASH

Any help with BIOS Setup on the RAM would be nice, atm only thing ive done is set RAM UNLINKED
as suggested by a friend, while i was trying to get SLI working.
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  1. First thing you should do is trim your hardware to the bare min. for the install of Windows. Remove any add-in cards you can such a modem or expansion cards. Use only one video card for install. If you have something a bit older than the 8800, that would be preferable. Trim down to one dimm and turn off all of the un-needed components in the bios such as USB, FIREWIRE, BOTH NICS, THE SOUND, etc... Load your OS and install the chipset driver--then you can go back (reboot) to the BIOS and turn the components back on. Only after you have all of the MB items/drivers working ok should you start adding the second Vid card and RAM.

    Hope this helps...
  2. Remove all your DIMMS except 1
    Doenload and install KB929777
    Then later (re)install the rest of your RAM.
  3. ummm i think the board req 2 Dimms in same time dont it.. but else i guess i might have some smaller DDR2 dimms i could use to try stay at less ram if its "amount" thats the issue?
  4. The board will run on 1 Dimm just fine - It's the amount.
  5. oki, ill try it this weekend
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