Soft Mod a Gefroce 8800 GTX??

Ok, I know that some of you people think I'm dumb but I'm trying to learn, so please don't be harsh. But want to have the fastest card out there but now I here that the GTX will be passed by the Ultra. So is there a way to softmod the GTX card to get the Ultra benefits? I don't know much about this but has been done on other cards so I wanted to ask. Thanks to all those that help.
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  1. 'Course there is. The Ultra is pretty much just an oc'ed GTX, and the oc is pretty tame, almost any stock GTX can surpass an Ultra. A stock GTX runs at 575/1800, the Ultra runs at 612/2160.
  2. its such a small performance increase that its not even worth doing
  3. Quote:
    its such a small performance increase that its not even worth doing

    But then he can tell people that he has an 8800 Ultra!
  4. If you're talking only soft mod then you can easily overclock the core speed beyond the Ultra but you will not hit the same memory speed.

    After having done that the Ultra's still may be able to overclock better than an older GTX. I say older GTX's because from what has been reported the Ultra's have a core revision which has allowed them to go up in speed with no increase in power consumption. I would not be surprised if new GTX's coming out share those same improvements; purely speculation of course.

    Either way you're gtx does not give up much to the ultra in performance. Sure you can overclock to it's level to satisfy yourself that you are matching the fastest but for how long? There well always be something newer and faster. I've played with the overclocks on mine but until I have a specific need for more performance I'll run it at stock.
  5. Why softmod? Pump through another 0.5V or more to the core with a voltmod and OC it till it nearly dies :lol: Go kick some Ultra butt :trophy:
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