Made the switch to Computer gaming from console.. Need some advice!

I've just recently within the past week and a half ago or so picked up SWTOR. To my unexpectedness, I'm absolutely in love. Its still going slow for me, as I'm normally just a console gamer. My roommate has been trying to get me to take full use of my custom built computer I bought from him for quite some time. I've never actually played an MMO, normally just console RPGs and Action-RPGs. (UNLESS YOU COUNT DIABLO 2 ) Well, after a short while of deciding to commit to 90 days of SWTOR and seeing where it went, I bought a new mouse (the Razer Naga). I honestly absolutely love it.

Along with a new mouse I bought a Cyber Snipa gaming pad for absolutely dirt cheap. I was assuming that the transition would be more comfortable from console to PC if there was a dedicated gaming platform for controls. I was wrong.. I got the pad for roughly 10$ so its not that big of a loss, but I was thinking that this pad would confirm/ deny the viability of the Steelseries Merc Stealth that I was anxious about. There are some similarities that have led me astray from this keyboard now and decided its time to "put on my big boy pants" and use the keyboard. I'm using a 15$ microsoft keyboard at the moment that is horrid. I've been wanting to upgrade for quite some time anyways.


I've done some research as far as what type of gaming keyboard would be the most suitable. I'm not quite sure which would be the best value. I have a range of spending from roughly $50 - $100. Below is a list that I have compiled that I've found to be the best value, but rather than taking the leap, anyone else have some input? I've read countless other forum and there has been some rather wide discretion concerning feedback. The keyboard will be primarily used for SWTOR as far as gaming goes. I am just reluctant to go full-out gaming mechanical keyboard for the sake of typing. I use CAD drafting quite a bit and type on my keys constantly. I poked around Best Buy earlier today and found the keys on the Razer Blackwidow to be rather enjoyable, but not sure how they would be to type on.

From my reading, the "brown" and "red" keys are better happy mediums between Black and Blue. I haven't quite committed fully to a mechanical keyboard, but it seems the most logical route. I do have a distinct love for backlit things (neon blue computer case, clear blue glowing xbox controller, new Razer Naga, and the Cyber Snipa pad). It shouldn't dissuade me, but I'm a sucker for flash :P

Anyways, here's the list below that I've narrowed down. Please sell me on one or two so that I may maintain my sanity, and commit to a keyboard.

- Razer BlackWidow Stealth
- ROCCAT Isku Illuminated
- Logitech G510
- Razer Anansi

I know its quite the list. I just have problems committing lol. I've seen countless others, but have been able to narrow it down to 5! (~pat on my own back) Slightly hierarchical listing.

Thanks for the input!
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    The only keyboard I can personally chime in on is the Razer Black Widow. I have one that I use both for gaming and for college papers, It tool a little getting used to as the keys take a little more force to depress, but I have found my typing to be far more accurate then it was on my old Logitech keyboard.
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