Big problems with vista 64, help appreciated :)

Hi people,

Im new to the forums and only found them due to my current problem -

Ive built my own pc, xp works great but i needed a new HD due to running out of space so thought 'why not upgrade to vista also'

i brought an OEM vista 64.

So anyway, it takes about 4 to 6 hours to complete the installation on a new, unused hard drive.

once its installed it runs unimaginably slow, those of you who love your pc's know how i feel, just opening controll panell takes about 4 - 5 mins, its painfull.

My PC specs are -

Asus P5N32 premium
4 gig ocz ram
2 x 150 gb HD / my old one is 7200rpm / new install hd is 10000rpm
750wat psu

Now i rreeeaaallly want it to work, but ive spent the whole weekend on it and just cant seem to pinpoint the problems... the only ideas i have are...

-Vista cant detect my 8800gfx card and says im using 'standard vga' possably slowing everything down using the cpu for gfx?

-Bios? (really?)

-I heard you cant install vista with 4gb ram, you need to take some out and use 2 gb for the install untill you can patch?

-maybee some drivers im missing?????

Im hoping some of you have overcome my problem and can help me, any help much appreciated.

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  1. OK -

    (1) Make sure you have the latest Bios from your Mobo maker

    (2) Download and install the latest driver for your video card from the maker or from nVidia. I believe 169.25 is latest the one from nVidia.

    (3) The patch for the memory is KB929777. Go to and search for that number. Download and install with 2GB of RAM on the comp.

    Then once you've done that - check the Reliability and Performance monitor - (just type that into the search box). You should be able to dig around in there and see what issues are open. Let us know.
  2. Hi Scot,

    Thanks for the reply! :)

    Ive got the latest gfx drivers and im just reading up on how to update my bios properly.

    I took 2 gig of ram out last night, re formatted the drive for vista and all was going well untill the installation tries to expand the files i get this message,

    Cannot Install Required Files - error 0x80070714

    As far as new programmes go, this had easily been the most irritating experience, ever. I cant say i wasnt warned about Vista tho *sigh*.

    Any ideas why its not installing anymore?


  3. KK - I looked up that error code:

    Not very encouraging, tho...

    (1) If you haven't done so already, try reformatting the drive manually - from a boot disc/C prompt instead of windows.

    (2) *Before* you reinstall Vista, make sure your Mobo has the latest Bios. Go to the ASUS website, the latest will be there, along with instructions on how do install it. I'm old school, and still have a floppy drive... But you should be able to burn it in a CD or use a Thumb drive.
  4. Ok cool, its just odd that i actually installed it twice and now it wont do it. I think i might have reset the bios to the factory deafaults anyway tho when i was troubleshooting so ill have a look at that.

    Feels like Bill Gates found a way to come into my home, with a strap on and anally screw me.. AND i paid 70 sheets for it...

    Anyway ill post results of tinkering and thanks for your help / time, much appreciated :)
  5. Ok so i go home last night determined to fix my vista issues, and as i boot my PC up i missed the small window to push 'del' to get to Bios (i was going to reboot in xp format my busted vista drive and reinstall clean)

    Anyway, i thought 'fk it' and just tried to install it, didnt change anything whatso ever and wala!

    smooth 20 min install, no problems Vista happy.

    Moral of the story is - Vists disks have feelings too, if you get angry at them, they wont install :)
  6. SWEET!! It worked!!

    <hides sacrificed bead~covered chicken behind back> :whistle:
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