Lack of any good anti-virus or malware programs

I have been working as a tech for over 25 years it seems the virus writers and malware writers are always one step ahead of anti-virus/anti-malware programs out there.

I have noticed that norton anti-virus has the lowest detection rate of any paid anti-virus and does not recognize any spyware.

The anti-malware programs that are out there don't seem to be able to block anything out there, i spend more time cleaning customers machines than anything else.

I have been searching for a fast program to clean machines but that does not exist, i always end up using multiple programs for virus and malware scanning because one does not do the job.

The thing is the all new malware out there disables norton anti-virus and because it does not detect malware it gets hijacked every time.

Even kaspersky is having trouble with new malware out there most times it can't remove the threat on new stuff floating around out there.

I wish there could be a single program that was as good with malware as it is with virus protection.
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  1. i've found avg to be a good product as well as comodo's product line
  2. Thats fine for average home user but comodo now packages there software with spyware.

    I have tried all the business/corprate versions of ant-virus they really lack in detection rates.

    I did give Outpost AntivirusPro a try from Agnitum it picked up hidden loaders that kaspersky seem to miss it finds alot of spyware as well as viruses.

    Im going to give outpost a good test and see how good it is seems all the other av's are falling behind and are not able to stop rogue anti-spyware/anti-malware from even running.
  3. As far as anti-virus goes, I've come to like NOD32 the most of any other anti-virus. It's very light-weight and seems to do an excellent job detecting viruses every now and then before they have a chance to infect your computer. Also, it updates it's definitions more frequently than I've ever seen from any other anti-virus program. NOD32 is the best out there by a long shot IMO. Outpost firewall is a favorite of mine too. Although, the anti-spyware portion of it doesn't seem to do anything. It never gives any kind of warnings so you really never know if it's trying to do it's job or not.

    Malware protection is another story. I'm like you, always having to clean someones computer. Can get to be quite exhausting too.
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