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So I've been using kaspersky for about 6 months and it is a total pain in the butt. Many things on the internet don't load with it on even though I have the firewall settings on the lowest, but if I turn it off or disable to load those things it just blocks all web traffic so I really want to move on to something that will let me surf the internet with a little more freedom. I heard AVG was good but the free version only has the antivirus, is it worth buying the full version? Will it allow me a little more freedom? Or would something like avast maybe be a better choice?

Edit:If anyone can help me to figure out how to get this avp.exe thing to stop being such a nazi then I wouldn't even have to get a different program. I've noticed that when I open my open connections list and I should be watching a video with the buffer bar loading very slow, I can go ahead and terminate the avp connection and that bar will load instantly but then about 5 seconds later the video will just stop and the web won't work altogether, the same goes for a web page that's loading very slowly. My main problem seems to be focused on this unstoppable avp.exe that doesn't let me do anything no matter what I change in kaspersky's settings.
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  1. Wow this is the third time I've said something about trendmicro internet 2008.

    Got to have win xp sp2 or greater, three units you can protect and can download 64bit version.
  2. Try outpost antivirus pro it seems to do a great job i have been trying it out and it seems to find loaders which kaspersky seem to miss.
  3. techguy911 said:
    Try outpost antivirus pro it seems to do a great job i have been trying it out and it seems to find loaders which kaspersky seem to miss.

    Is it just antivirus though?
  4. I've been using NOD32 for the past year and it has been great. Catches and cleans things that many others will not. They also have a security suite out now. Haven't personally used it but I think there is a trial that you can download for 30 days.
  5. wrathloki said:
    Is it just antivirus though?

    no it does more than viruses also finds a large amount of malware seems very light on resource usage as well.
  6. wrathloki, I feel with you. I have bought two licences of Kaspersky (laptop and desktop) and in both cases this product sucks.

    A lot of sites (paypal, ebay, ...) don't load with protection on and the notices are worse than Vista's "security feature".

    Looking for something new as well - unfortunately the only thing worse than a lot of anti virus products are reviews on them ....
  7. Absolutely the best, is know what cgi files, host files, binddns can do for system security. Something the user has control wiff. Second is wireshark, nmap, when you just know something is UP.
    Just the other day something did not feel right with the connection, network usages, led lite blinking, H'm I say! Ran wireshark, sure enough some ports were active using a UDP port. Block those ports rerouted the IP to is own destination. Problem solved now the IP itself I did a brief TCP scan of that network, was not successful and left it at that. I will someday get around and check that IP for other connections.
    I use Macfee online virus scan and MS removal tool the download version this is placed on a boot CD as well as some other tools. What others are saying about systematic and other software for the purpose of protection is true. However I found if someone only wants virus protection than thats what you buy. Create a boot CD with its update virus scanner, that's the way to go. Install once, update, create a boot virus scan CD, disable all features of the virus program and use a host file for real net protection.
    Cons of mafee online virus scan is it wont remove virus found, but being as smart as you are. Your dumb ratsass better run a scan of a download before installing. Right? Even dumber is opening email or stupid msn scripts Right? If god gave you a brain than use it Right?
  8. Ive been using Kaspersky for the last year or so, and have had no problems at all with it 0.o
  9. well Kaspersky has excellent detection rate , I am using avira now it is less resource hoggy and do the job pretty well. They have a internet secuirty suite as well but haven't used it. If i have kaspersky AV i would keep it and try a firewall like zonealarm or outpost.
  10. MaD said:
    Ive been using Kaspersky for the last year or so, and have had no problems at all with it 0.o

    Me too. Kinda. I use KIS 7 on my work laptop but run KAV 6 Corp on 100 other systems at the office. KIS problems have been pretty low but KAV in a corporate environment with Exchange isn't a whole lot of fun. I had to go to AV Only on the work machines to get past all the bugs. (It comes with a whole suite of proggys but they all seemed to hate Exchange/Outlook for some reason and their tech support was less than helpful.)

    I don't believe either version has ever stopped me from doing anything on the Internet though. That I recall anyway. :) It does bog systems down though for sure. I just look at it as a necessary evil.
  11. Kapersky 07 somehow screws my vista install, as soon as I install it, I get phantom restarts at random times, weather or not in heavy pc use and so on. No overheats or anything :S
  12. use avast av,it detects viruses,rootkits and spyware.
    comodo firewall for inbound and outbound security and spyware terminator for spyware and stuff.avast also futures a network shield which will increase your firewall protection.

    ps:i dont like kaspersky.
  13. Of all the internet security sofware's Kaspersky uses the lowest resources. I highly recommend it.
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