Random Monitor Shut off's--- need help

I sometimes get the no imput power save mode from the monitor right in the middle of ordinary tasks. I don't know what exactly happens but it has happened 4 times in the last couple of days. The fans in the case are still lighted and running --- I don't know if this is a software crash or a hardware problem.

I'll go ahead and list my thoughts and specs, then I'm looking for some advice.

system specs:
P4 3.4 ghz
d915pbl mobo (intel)
1x 1gb of 4300 ram
radeon x600 gc
2 sata hard drives (just installed the second)
1 dvd burner (ide)
350w turbo link (probably as cheap as it sounds- it came with the case back when I knew nothing, (i now know next to nothing :oops: )
vista ultimate 32 bit
sony 19 in multiscan e400 (vga-older type monitor)
1st thought: clean install of ultimate before things went south (was running RC1 with no problems)
2nd: no problems until I loaded on board audio drivers from intel, then after installation, the next reboot I got a series of beeps from the MOBO and then I turned everything off, upon restart, everything seems to be working (including on board audio)
3rd: It seems to happen most when i'm playing hold'em from ultimate extras (I have since uninstalled- this update)
4. I upgraded to this graphics card from a 32 mb (yes it was that old) and used comp for a year or so. Then all of a sudden the computer wouldn't turn on without the 4 pin power hook-up to the mobo (right above the graphics card) that seemed weird to me at the time, but haven't had any problems so I never looked at this more

I need some help on what to check and how to check it.
thanks for any suggestions: (sorry for the long post)
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  1. Make sure you have the most recent video driver. I would then try another PSU.
  2. I second that ..sounds like PSU issue.
  3. Thanks for the replies.

    thats what I was thinking too but couldn't really tell.

    What would be a good PSU that would be able to handle a CD2 upgrade (new mobo too) and also work with my current system. I'm not a gamer so I won't be getting a beast of a graphics card that eats up power.

    My budget is flexible -- but would like to stay between $75 and $100 (lower the better) --

    I'm also looking to upgrade ram right away and posted in the memory section: (If I get ddr2 800 Mhz would it be able to drop to 533mhz that my system is currently at?) sorry to ask here to but haven't got one reply in the mem forums

    Thanks for any/ all sugestions
  4. I'm currently using a BFG 7600GT, which I'm very satisfied with. The 7600GT is getting good reviews for moderately priced video cards. Personally, I like Antec and have never had a problem, currently running 3 machines with the PSU that comes with the Sonata case. Based on mpilchfamily PSU chart this Anted looks good and is reasonably priced.

    You might want to think about holding off on the RAM until you decide on a motherboard to make sure it will work well with whatever mobo to decide on. Every now and then there can be a computability issue with a particular RAM mfg and a particular board.
  5. Thanks for the help. I read the PSU 101 and 102 and learned a lot. Thanks mpilchfamily.
    By using the calculators, it appears that my 12v rail has about half the recommend amps for my little system, :oops:

    After all that reading I came up with the same
    Posted: Sun May 13, 2007 6:34 am Post subject:



    Thanks g-paw for letting me know that I didn't totally misread the guides.

    I'm not planning on a new mobo/ processor for a while so maybe i'll just match the one stick I have now (if possible) and who knows, the next system may be using ddr3.

    Thanks again guys for all the help
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