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I have an old Sony Vaio Laptop that has both USB ports burnt out. The firewire port is active. I was wondering if it is possible to transfer data between the notebook and my destop using a firewire to USB data cable. Also I have learned it is possible to connect to the internet with the firewire port as well, although I would have to use third party drivers to have 2000 pro use it. I don't have a cardbus ethernet card nor a wireless card and I am looking for alternate ways to transfer data before purchasing one.
Any info would be helpful.
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  1. If your laptop has firewire built-in, it's pretty much guaranteed to have an Ethernet port. Why not just use that to move data over the network? If the laptop is so old as not to have ethernet or wireless built-in, don't waste any money upgrading it, just get a new one or a used one that is newer. You can get an external drive enclusre for the hard drive and move the data from it to the desktop using that.
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