Trying to load Centos into VMware

I am trying to load centos into a machine I have created in vmware and I am getting the following message

at the welcome to centos screen the message is as follows:
no valid devices were found on which to create new files systems. please check your hardware for the cause of this problem.

any ideas ??
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  1. That's because it can't find the hard drive. Did you make a virtual disk? Is it IDE or SCSI?

    What versions of the os and vmware are you using?
  2. If you can't figure out it, you could try and use VirtualBox (I know more about that program)
  3. You could always use a ready-made Centos VM.

    I suspect you're using a SCSI virtual disk rather than an IDE one.
  4. It'll work with SCSI or IDE as long as it has the correct driver.

    @OP What version are you trying?
  5. I believe there is a bug that can prevent installation of CentOS on an emulated VMWare SCSI drive.
  6. Thanks for digging that up ijack :)

    It's labeled as fixed in 5.3 and 5.4 is already out.

    There's also a workaround for 5.2.

    The OP didn't mention the operating system version or VMware version or any of the settings.

    It's a good idea to try the latest stable version first before trying older ones.

    Semper Fi :)
  7. Yes, we don't have details of the OP's version. I just suppose that the SCSI disk problem is the most likely answer with the information we have, but it could well be something else. At least we know it's not down to his hardware.

    I'd still just go for the pre-built VM, at least to start with. The OP can check the settings in that to see which ones are needed for CentOS.
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