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I have a Linux Ubuntu CD that i recently found, and a spare computer that pretty much sucks. Its got plenty of space and RAM for it but when i try to load ubuntu, I receive the error message: No ROM Basic; System Halted. do i need to download a win98 boot disk and then try to install Ubuntu, or is there something else i can do? (First time linux user other than touching the basics)
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  1. You need to set the computer to boot from the CD (in the BIOS). Mind, I haven't seen the "No ROM Basic" error message since the days of the original IBM PCs. If the computer is too old it may not be able to boot from a CD.

    What are the specs of the PC you are using?
  2. As the Linux CD is a live CD have you tried it on any other HW? I suspect ijack nailed it, sounds like an old box that will not boot from CD. The Win95/98 boot disk loads windows CD drivers that Linux would not be able to use.
  3. I'd like to echo what ijack and audiovoodoo said.

    How old is your computer? What are your full specs?
  4. Lol, if he said Windows 98... and boot disk, it might be as old as an AT system.
  5. If it's a 386 with 2MB of RAM, it isn't going to work that's for sure.

    @OP please post your full specs.

    Linux will run on a 386 but Ubuntu and other modern distros won't.
  6. 512 RAM
    P3 Processor
    my buddy gave it to me because it was using up space i used to run windows xp just fine
  7. 512MB is not a lot but it'll work ( 384MB is the minimum for a GUI ).

    A P3 won't break any speed records but it should run.

    Your bios should have the option to boot from CD, double check your boot settings and try booting it with all hard drives unplugged.

    Have you done a media check to verify the CD is good? What version of ubuntu are you trying to use?

    xubuntu, damnsmalllinux and slax may run better than the standard ubuntu.

    Good luck :)
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