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I've been building and maintaining computers for over 10 years(my first was a IBM PS2 in 1985), and what I use for maintenance and security I never hear of anyone else using, I retired 2 years ago at 58 went to China and stayed there,( I like it here), and there's more nasties here that at home(I think), I've been using WinPatrol to monitor what my OS is getting hammered with and Tiny personal firewall,along with Adaware and SpyBot, and Eusing Registry Cleaner,and haven't had any problems yet, plus all this is free, am I lucky or ???
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  1. If you think you are succeptible, there is still a free trial download of One Care:


    Do a search of this site. There are a lot of free anti spy/virus programs offered.

  2. just get wire shark-namp monitor the traffic. then netuser the nmap and crash ever friggen nasty you find. I tell you these nastys will black list your Ip in fear of being crashed. The best part is stealing all their info and sending it in to the reporting service.
    I give a couple of ip and as well you may go to your secirity and block these IP I got lots more,,,

    example is tomshardware is so now i see port 333 is a odd ball so ha thats it adv-goo7.us.intellitex so now I am able to really block that crap using port 333 walla
    If more pep's would do this work the net would be lot more safer because the last thing spy ware malware want us to know is that we all know who they are
    wars need to be front line defence and wireshark-namp gives you the army to fight and know your axis of evil.
  3. Gomer Thanks for the advice, I'd like to monitor my net, used to use one but when XP came out it wouldn't work, virtual net or something like that, thanks badge I'm always looking
  4. Ok i got a filter and color coded file that will help you only sort out wire sharks graphical interface
    I've color coded the chart and added filters so only the protocols you needed to spoof ips this makes reading wireshark easier.
    its the syn,ack that are the nasty ones that is telling the website that you are sending a hand shake and the ack is telling you that the site actknowlege your hand shake, now the site will send you a hand shake back of actknowlegment and request a header of your brower then the site will send a http request and that is the packet that you receive to display their website and in that packet contains lots of other stuff you can trace down.
    after all done if you dont send a rst, act you know that somebody is keeping your ip and port open now use nmap and do your thing.

    Thanks to fyodor for his great head to write codes he gave us the tool to help keep our system security safer than any program will ever do after all its the anti virus companies that made the first virus and walla a norton program was on the market to sell
  5. Gomer, how do I get the file?
  6. I will give you a priv message and we can choose our means ok this will be in about an hour I'm doing some disk work now
  7. ok
  8. I've installed wire shark and it's running, the only red ones are M-search http 1.1this mean anything important?
  9. grab nmap and read help for more info things like this cannot be disused in open public, the tools are OK to recommend, the usages are not period.
  10. Well this is deep, real deep for me, never done any network stuff so this will be a challenge,just keep plugging along, nmap downloading now, thanks for the help really
  11. so sorry that i'm in China and the time is so different, need to sleep now and then, thanks for the ignore
  12. Thanks to all of you that sent mail, I will install (newer, better, upgraded) ware for the security of my poor old laptop, I really do appreciate the input as I am not network savvy, I can fix them, but the rest is over my head. Thanks again
    ps I'm d/l nmap and do like the idea of monitoring my net communication, I'm sure that eventually I'll understand enough
  13. gone fishin i hit the ignore button by mistake how do I un do that. it was in the private message thingy
  14. Ok been checking the software out(new stuff) and Eset NOD32 seems pretty good,my laptop has 20Gig used and 20 Gig free and it been running for 2 hours now, has found 20 definitions,one of which it deleted imeadently(delf.aws- a trojan installer) and another it asked to delete during the scan(virut.av) which i ok'ed the deletion,still would like to have a easy to use app that monitors my net activity, I used to use Virtual Agent but it does not work with XP,any ideas
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