Unable to read files written on a CD-R using Windows 95

When I try to receive word documents I either get the message that internet is not responding or the screen fades out and I have to exit. These files are stored on CD-R using Word 2010 on Windows 7.
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  1. And you have a program that could read these files installed on this system? Office 2007 is only compatible with XP and up.

    Likewise, any version of Open Office that could open such a file would need XP or better to run. (or Linux or Mac)
  2. Get rid of the extra variables. First try to just copy the file from the CD-R to the hard drive, and IF that works, THEN decide what to do with it...

    ... but as Proximon mentioned, it's not likely you have any app on Win95 that can handle an Office 2010 document unless it was saved in an old legacy format, which by the way is something I always do if possible (if it can preserve the formatting enough). It's a pet peeve of mine that we all have to update MS Office because someone starts sending out files that aren't backwards compatible.
  3. Yo

    Try using your friends computer as the alignment on the cd-rom may be slightly different, try several friends computer.
    good luck
  4. Just ouf of curiosity, does that Win95 machine still surf the net?
  5. I am using windows 7 now, I am sure you can get it to work with a little messing around and good Internet connection, you want get the latest flash animations,
    but that might be a good thing, Have fun with it,
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