Need help with possible PSU issue

Would an Enermax Liberty 620 be enough to power a system with 8800GTX SLI, Quad Core CPU, 2 Raptors, Sound Blaster X-Fi, etc?

I'm having a problem where after I plugged in all my components and press the power button, there is a really high pitch squeel.

When I just plugged in the motherboard and video cards by themselves earlier, it powered on just fine.
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  1. Is the squealing coming from the 8800s? If it is, it is a built in alarm warning of not enough power. This is well known. Your easiest fix might be one of these - FSP BoosterX 3
  2. Yea it sounds like the same squeeling sound that happens if you try to power on your system without pluggin in to power to the video cards.

    So that must be that my power supply doesn't have enough juice for the job?

    Should I get an Enermax Galaxy 850W? That would definitely be enough right?
  3. Ok thanks for the reply.

    I see the Enermax Galaxy 850 is on that list.
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