Looking for a good modern intel motherboard to support AGP

I'm trying to find a motherboard that I can use with my left over AGP card that I have from my last system. It's and HIS X1950pro 512mb GDDR3, so needless to say it's not a weak video card. I'm wondering what options I have besides the ASUS P5VDC-MX and the ASRock 4CoreDual-VSTA. Are there any discontinued LGA775 or Socket AM2 AGP motherboards of higher quality? If so I can possibly hnt one down on ebay. I hate just to throw away a perfectly good 250.00 graphics card.
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  1. Why don't you just sell the video card?
  2. I've been trying to sell it but all the cheap people around here don't wanna gimme squat for it. I was just selling it for 160 and no one wants to give over a hundred bucks....
  3. I'm in about the same situation as you with an X850 Pro, its a great card but I'm not going to build a machine around it and get stuck with that too, even though I could find something to do with it, I'm just keeping mine until one of my friends wants to upgrade, and I'll let them have it at a good price, the loss of money doesn't sting as much when you help out someone else.
  4. I've got an ASUS A8V mobo that I'm not using. This board hasn't been used and was a replacement for the one I RMA'd to ASUS. It's socket 939 so not exactly "modern". I've also got a new s939 4000+ (E6 stepping) to go with it. Drop me a PM if you're interested. They're just living in the closet with the rest of the unloved toys right now
  5. Quote:
    Looking for a good modern intel motherboard to support AGP

    Sorry, thats an oxymoron. There are no modern (good or otherwise) motherboards supporting AGP on the Intel side. All new Intel (or new nVidia) chipsets only support PCI-E, and the newest Intel and nVidia chipsets are basis of any good modern motherboard.
    Yes, there are solutions based on VIA chipsets or older Intel or nVidia chipsets, but I advice everybody wanting to buy a good modern system to stay away from them.
    Sorry, but your existing graphics card should go on ebay, if your friends offer to little.
  6. Well the thing is I've got a new C2D system I just built with dual 7950GTs. And I made the mistake of selling my AGP ASUS P4P800-E Deluxe, 3 gigs or ram and my processor setup to a friend. That system was a P4 running at 4.0ghz and was more that fast enough for the card. Anyone know of an older LGA775 or Socket AM2 board that has AGP and might have been discontinued? I'd be willing to hunt one down on ebay.
  7. http://www.boah-krass.de/hardware/mainboards/sockel-775-p4-celeron/conroe865pe-motherboard-atx.html
    yeah I know it's German but,I've really heard good things about this one from anands forums.They export to the USA I think with delivery its about $125.might be just what your looking for.
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