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Problem with disabling services for hardware profiles

Last response: in Windows XP
December 24, 2007 11:08:44 AM

recently established several hardware profiles to control which services are running for each and found that if a profile booted with say windows audio disabled, when I launch services.msc the services window locks, not responding. the service is not enabled as configured for the profile, but wondering why this issue with the services.msc. also, when I boot back to any of the profiles with the noted service enabled, no problems with services.msc and the service enabled. note, windows audio noted for specifics, but I do not consider this a service specific problem.

configured for the local computer, in log on. nothing fancy. lastly, I have let the machine sit and wait to see if the services unfreezes. no.

since xp is a very mature platform, I am sure I have missed something to explain this.

what is/are the possible reasons for the services window, the one with the listed services, to lock?


December 25, 2007 9:02:41 PM

First of all your post states that you are using hardware profiles.

Though I dont have much experience in hardware profiles Ihave accomplished the same in user profiles.

Logging in as different users can give you all of the same options, with the ability to stop hardware options as a administrator

Im thinking when you use hardware options it kills the hardware for all users, as this must be done with administrater abilities.

If you are trying to restrict differing users then you must do just that. Log in as administrater|controlpanel|userprofiles and then give or take options.

It sounds as though you are trying to stop casual users and or children. You will need to enable|disable for each profile and give each a password to prevent one from the other.

If you are just trying to kill services goto for more information about services