What Linux distro can run .run files?

I'm trying to install drivers for my ATI Radeon HD 5770 and the Linux driver is a .run file. I tried Ubuntu 9.10, but I couldn't install the driver. Which Linux distro should I use? I'm about to test openSUSE 11.2 KDE to see if it works. Thanks a lot! I couldn't find anything on Google!
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    Sounds like a shell script. Try:

    sudo <filename>.run

    or if that fails

    sudo sh <filename>.run

    (substitute the real name for <filename>!).
  2. Good advice ijack :)

    If your distro has drivers for your card you'll want to try them first, ubuntu should volunteer to install the driver for you.

    If you have a yum/rpm redhat based distro, like Fedora, use

    On ubuntu the proprietary driver thingy should pop up and offer to install the proprietary driver for ya if it's available or you can try it by hand with apt-get / dpkg.

    I'm not sure about SuSE, I think they have something similar that provides proprietary stuff.

    You'll want to backup your xorg.conf first and have your console and ssh ready to fix things if the ATI driver breaks your ubuntu GUI.

    You should also be real careful about running .run files from the internet there's a lot of viruses and trojans out there, even for Linux, they're rare but they do exist. Always Virus scan with clamAV and avg or kasperky or whatever for linux and check the checksums and sigs first.

    Good luck :)
  3. You need to read the instalation instructions carefully, NVidia graphics drivers generaly need to be installed from a root command prompt without the graphics server running, you run it by typing ./<file>.run (while in the relevant directory).
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