Help! Can this file be used to clean computer?

Hi all,

My dad saw this thing written out on another forum that said the following commands typed in notepad as a .bat file can help clean your computer. It seems like it clears out the temporary internet files and temp, but there are some that I don't know so I was wondering if anyone of you know. Well, here it is:

@echo off
del /f /s /q %systemdrive%\*.tmp
del /f /s /q %systemdrive%\*._mp
del /f /s /q %systemdrive%\*.log
del /f /s /q %systemdrive%\*.gid
del /f /s /q %systemdrive%\*.chk
del /f /s /q %systemdrive%\*.old
del /f /s /q %systemdrive%\recycled\*.*
del /f /s /q %windir%\*.bak
del /f /s /q %windir%\prefetch\*.*
rd /s /q %windir%\temp & md %windir%\temp
del /f /q %userprofile%\cookies\*.*
del /f /q %userprofile%\recent\*.*
del /f /s /q "%userprofile%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\*.*"
del /f /s /q "%userprofile%\Local Settings\Temp\*.*"
del /f /s /q "%userprofile%\recent\*.*"
echo. & pause

So do you think this thing can be used?

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  1. You could get a lot of "denied access" errors. You can purge cookies and Internet temp files the right way by using "internet options" in the control panel. Killing all the logs in a drive is not a good idea, some of them can get you out of a problem. And purging the Recycle Bin thru a command prompt is an overkill. I'd stick to deleting everything in "C:\Windows\Temp" and "%userprofile%\Local Settings\Temp\*.*", but some files can be in use, so you can't delete them.
  2. You could also use a free program like CClean to clean things out. Running in Safe Mode under the Administrator log in will get the most stuff
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