Cannot boot from USB flash drive

II have an old CD collection of literature works readable through a program designed for Win 95 and I have therefore to install win 95 on my new computer, on a separate blank H.D.
As you know, Windows 95 requires running a Ms-DOS boot diskette before running the installation CD, but I don't have a floppy drive since my computer is new.
So I downloaded the boot disk image file, I burned it to a CD and copied it to a a USB flash stick. I then set the BIOS to boot from the USB floppy first, but it does not work. There are other "USB" drives listed in the BIOS boot section, but none of them seems to give access to any of the USB ports where the the USB stick is inserted. The MS-Dos boot files are O.K., because when I run the boot from the CD, it works.

Can anybody help me to set the USB boot sequence properly in the BIOS, please?


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  1. hey
    yeah sure win 98,95 cannot recognize the usb
    U need to boot from a CD
  2. mohamedmoussa said:
    yeah sure win 98,95 cannot recognize the usb
    U need to boot from a CD

    May be you overlooked the fact that I am trying to install Windows 95 in a virtual environment through VMware . Sure Windows 95 does not recognize USB drives, but then Windows 95 is not even installed at this point in my guest system! So it begs the question to say that Windows 95 does not recognize USB drives! Of course not, there is no Windows 95, period!
    Where I am at, instead, is the 1st stage, i.e. the installation of the MS-DOS boot files on the fresh HD ! I should be able to boot into Ms-Dos from the USB floppy, because my computer is on Windows 7 and the BIOS ]doesindeed list USB drives as booting drives, provided the boot priority is set properly! So there must be some other reason why I am unable to boot into Ms-Dos from the USB floppy.

    Thank you for any other insights you will want to share with me

  3. Do you have an USB floppy drive or an USB stick? oO

    If you try to boot from a Stick, then you have to make it bootable and set it to active first. Just copying files doesn´t work. There are lots of freeware which can create bootable USB-Sticks.
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