crash crash crash

vista ultimate crashes everyday with the following codes

BCCode: 1000008e
BCP1: C0000005
BCP3: 99E53A38
BCP4: 00000000


can't find this sys file anywhere

can someone please help , ready to blow it up
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  1. OK. Not sure EXACTLY what your errors mean but usually these type of errors crop up with hardware (usually RAM) issues or driver issues of some kind. Possibly some new software that was installed?

    To help you we need your system specs and the history of the problem. New problem on old system? New system just built? New software or hardware just installed? Etc. etc.

    So, post your detailed system specs and a little background and we can start helping you.
  2. sorry, cpu specs asus p5k deluxe, intel duo core 6600, 2 gigs of ram (just replaced thought that was the problem too) evga 8600 gts, 2 512 gig raid 0 . i updated the bios twice since this started about 4 months ago, purchased the video card in dec. and updated drivers twice same problem(windows didn't like the drivers but there from nvidia).

    The aaafh.sys comes up with the blue screen i've done a search through google nothing comes up, this is the most common error there are others like bad_pool_caller, and page fault in none page area.

    i'm having a problem also with the hdd i never shut down my system but when i was changing my ram i was down for about 30 minutes and it would not detect one of my drives i had to reboot 2 or 3 times for it to detect but since you can't test drives in raid i don't know if thats it

    i hope this helps thanx
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