Migrating from Vista 32 to Vista 64

I am running Vista Ultimate 32 now and would like to migrate to Vista Business 64 (I am also planning on adding a second 8800GTX video card going SLI and bumping up to 8 gigs of OCZ ram (4x2gb, OCZ2T8WC44GK) because it is cheap right now).

Question, is there a way to "upgrade" to Vista 64 from Vista 32 and not have to format my drives and re-install all of my programs? I was going to buy the OEM version of Vista 64, but would buy the retail version if that allowed for an easier upgrade.
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  1. Sorry, but Vista 64's Kernel is completely different from Vista 32's. So to go from one to the other requires a clean install.
  2. Thanks.
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