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I have always wanted a small, handheld device to carry with me to be a pda that will do more than be a storage space for names and phone nubers.
I have carried HP ipaqs and while they are small discreet gadgets Windows mobile is limited.
For example, if I want to go to a specific web site to stream audio (say the programming from a radio station).
So I decided that Liux on a HP ipaq or other PPC's would do the trick.
I know and understand the concept of flashing rom.
I am also a big believer in the KISS priciple (keep it simple silly).
So, who has set up a simple way to install Linux on a PPC that has a GUI?
Just wondering

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  1. You might want to look at Angstrom. Good luck!
  2. Has any work been done on a Wubi type installer for Win Mo? It would seem a nice route for people for whom Hex is not a first language.
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