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My mother has a Win98 computer with a very small usable hard drive with ~2.1 GB total usable hard drive space. Actually, it's ~19.5GB, but only ~2.1GB is usable. I tried using AppZip to compress individual programs, but it locks up on me before I can compress an application. Stacker is incompatible with Win98. DriveSpace, which comes with Win98, is incompatible with FAT32 drives, and the hard drive is a FAT32 hard drive. UPX works well but only with actual executables. As of now, I've been using WinRAR or 7-Zip and batch files to decompress compressed programs to a RAM drive created with RDSK98v5 and compressed with DriveSpace, run them from there and clean up afterwards. I'm asking because I cant afford a new hard drive. Any suggestions?

BTW, I am working on my own file compression technique. In case I succeed, is there an audience for FT32 drive compression?
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  1. Why not install a larger hard drive and copy the partition?
  2. Phil,

    He's been beating this dead horse for months.
  3. "is there an audience for FT32 drive compression?"

    I doubt it; storage space is dead cheap nowadays so there is little need for compression.
  4. PhilFrisbie said:
    Why not install a larger hard drive and copy the partition?

    If I had the money, I would. And as for beating a dead horse, ex_bubblehead, it's true.

    BTW, I think I have a hard drive for the system laying around somewhere.
  5. Uhh...Is there an audience for file compression in internet downloads and removable media? You can put more on a flash drive or SD card, an Iomega ZIP drive or even a floppy disk. I also think it's possible to further compress a .ZIP file. And as far as downloads, on-the-fly compression can increase transfer speeds--especially if I can further compress .ZIP archives. :) Don't hold me to this. I'm trying my best. Or maybe I'm just being grandious. :(
  6. Try ebay. You can get a 200 GB HDD for about 10 bucks.
  7. Update: I am now using a 16GB flash drive as a second hard drive. What if I wanted to download a lot of large games (i.e. >100MB) or other programs? The hard drive if a little more than a quarter full, and the flash drive has ~11GB free space. I don't need compression now but might soon. Right now, my codec is producing good results, but I need to debug it.
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