Difference between intel atom and pantium processor

can I install Linux in laptop with Intel atom processor?
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  1. Yes. Most netbooks have an Atom processor and many of those are supplied with Linux.
  2. Yes, no problem, I'm running on one now. I've heard that Intel's moblin is atom optimized, you might want to look into that, but mint runs fine on my Eee pc.
  3. All x86 and x86_64 distros will run on the atom since it's an x86 / x86_64 CPU but some distros may have problems recognizing all the hardware.

    Ubuntu, Fedora, moblin, debian and others should run.

    Semper Fi :)
  4. Note that if you laptop has an older Atom Z series or N200 series CPU it is not compatible with x86_64 distributions.
  5. Yup, "the Atom N2xx and Z5xx series Atom models cannot run x86-64 code" and neither can many of the celerons that preceded the atom in many laptops and netbooks.

    A few celerons can run x86-64, is that confusing or what?

    Semper Fi :)
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