Wanna install windows xp and windows vista on same computer.

Hello everyone i am loooking to install windows xp and windows vista on the same computer.Now i will be using two hard drives will each version be on each hard drive, i dont know, i am new to this and really need someone to walk me through this procedure.All advice will be very helpful.

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  1. Read this thread:

    'notherdude's post is about the best way to go about it, but the other methods are linked/explained there.
  2. Scotteq will i even be able to do both because i am starting off with windows 98 full version then i will be using a windows xp upgrade and also a windows vista upgrade.Of course we know one upgrade will work for sure, but will it work with both versions?
  3. Sound's to me as notherdude said in post ,it would be best to put xp on one of my hard drives and vista on the other . thats what i thought would be best also.
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