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Hi all.
I'm building myself a new PC, but, as my dad reminded me, I'll need a security program as well as office suite etc.
I suppose Office 2003 won't work with Vista :(
Anyway, I've been looking at anti-virus programs, and the two that have mostly caught my attention are Kaspersky and BitDefender. Both look to be overall great products, but both have me pondering the same issue.
BitDefender's website seems to shed a bit more light on this, but not as much as I'd like.
BitDefender's Internet Security, according to their charts, does the same thing and more than their antivirus. This puzzles me, as there is even a "total security" version.

So basically, the question is, do I need to buy both Anti-Virus and Internet Security packages (or in the case of BitDefender, the "Total Security," perhaps), or do I only need one or the other?
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  1. Your best bet for INTERNET security is HOSTFILE, anti-virus well thats your call. If your a downloader you could always use free online scan. Hostman is free and it is far better then anything available today.
    I'm a family man wiff 2 kids boy/girl she use to get infected from MSN/facebook/utube. ect...... even with virus ware installed.
    The host file uses very little system resources, eliminates all ADs, {malicious clickable links) I've hate all virus scanners on the market they are as useless as a complaining wife. Since the host file has been installed on the computers I have had not one problem with the girls computer.
  2. Just get an internet security suite. It will solve all your security problems. Both AV and IS are not necessary. Sometimes, they are nor compatible to each other. Just get KIS 2009. It's fantastic.
  3. I personally use Kaspersky anti-virus 7 and it's pro-active defence is excellent.It must have blocked at the least 9 or 10 virus attacks,considering the fact that i use mywot security rating,just like Mcafee site adviser.
    Considering the need for a firewall "comodo firewall pro"is very good at it's job,though it may be quite irritating,because it seeks your permission regularly!Anyway,that's the basic function of any worthwile firewall(IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE}.
    Then the need for a anti-malware is met by Malwarebytes Anti-Malware or the free version of a-squared Anti-Malware,both free downloads.
    Spybot search and destroy is still on top of the heap regarding anti spyware.AVG Anti-spyware is another good option.
    Kaspersky 7 does a very good job as an anti-trojan.
    i hope this helps!
    with regards,
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