Uptime always reports 1.0 for load averages

I am a bit puzzled by this. For some reason when i look at uptime, the load average always seems to say 1.0 even though the system is idle. I reinstalled gentoo recently (after having hosed my entire system) so I admit I may have screwed something up in the process, however, my current configuration isn't so different from my previous configuration, and I never saw this behaviour before. Do you guys have any ideas/insights as to what might cause this?




I forgot to mention that I checked the output of top and I couldn't see any processes that were hogging CPU time. Also, I have a 4 core system, so most of the system is still idle, but it can't be good for one CPU to be going full throttle all the time, yes?
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  1. Frankly it could be just about anything, corrupted file somewhere (maybe on your install disc? Check md5 sum), motherboard or processor not sensing or responding properly, A bug interaction from software you installed.

    Burn a new disc and double check the md5 sum and then reinstall. Check if the problem is there and if it is send a bug report. Then install each piece of software individually until and unless the problem comes up then send a bug report. If it doesn't come up then it was some crazy fluke and you shouldn't worry anymore. Also check using a different linux distro and/or windows and see if it comes up there as well.

    And irregardless it won't kill the computer if its running full blast. just make sure it's cooled well.
  2. Oddly enough, after a reboot, I can't repeat the problem, but it was like that for several (10+) hours.


  3. yep nothing but a fluke glitch. Good luck with linux and i'd suggest Sabayon (http://sabayonlinux.org/). Its the best Gentoo based distro i've worked with and I give it to customers with great reviews coming back every time.
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