Vista sleep mode problem

Vista Sleep Mode problem :<

I just loaded Vista Ultimate and have a weird problem that has me confused and maybe due to an improper setting I may need to address. Either way, the problem revolves around my PC going into a sleep mood that requires me to hit the PC turn on button. Once I do this, it does NO reboot it bring me to my User screen and all I do is click on my user picture and I’m back into my main screen. Is there a setting in Vista that is causing this condition?? Checked the MB Setup option and did not find anything there, and new to Vista so don’t quite know of any options. Maybe, in the screen saver settings?? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide with this problem.
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  1. How do you turn off your computer?
    "Power button" or from the menu and choose the button that look like the international "power" button?

    If from the menu, it is normal. you must use the arrow next right to the power button and choose "Shutdown". I believe you can configure that in the control panel under power management or something like that.

    Hitting the power button of your PC can also be programmed to do a shutdown or sleep (again in the control panel).

    Maybe someone else can confimr that because my Vista is at home! :)
  2. Thanks, option with the control panal, power options, Change When Computer Sleeps. You save me time and efforts Loneeagle, take care and have a good week.
  3. Glad I could help you!

    There is also a gadget that you can add. It will give you little buttons to 'Shutdown', 'sleep', 'Hibernate', ...

    Have a good weekend too.
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