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Computer novice.I recently put Fedora 12 on a old pc.I was running XP before.I have a Belkin "G" wireless router that the pc is plugged directly into.I can get onto the internet with the Linux but it is extremely slow.If I plug it into the ATT DSL modem it works very well,fast.The other wireless devices in the house have no problem with the Belkin.My modem has only one plugin so it is a hassle to use the Linux because nobody else can use their wireless pc's while the Linux is using the modem.I tried a switch but it did not work.Any suggestions?
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  1. what kernel? which card exactly? can you id the driver you're using?
  2. not sure how to find driver id. kernel pc eternet card D-Link System-
    DL10050 Sundance Ethernet.
  3. I'll need the output of lspci -nn
  4. You'll want to replace your Belkin router.

    Good luck :)
  5. Better yet you'll want to stay wired it's a lot faster and much more secure :)

    Wireless is insecure even if you've turned your encryption on.

    Good luck :)
  6. Wired is only as secure as your house mates... I find it pays to keep them in fear ;)
  7. linux_0 said:
    You'll want to replace your Belkin router.

    Good luck :)

    Which router brand?orshould i replace my single port dsl modem with a multiport.
  8. If you're going to use wireless the WRT54GL looks pretty good

    32 x Customer Choice Award32x Winner of Customer Choice Award - Wireless Routers and great reviews.

    Wired's much better though :) The disappointing thing is most cheap wired routers suck including the wired linksys model :(
  9. It's not the best in any of the individual categories, but if you want an all in one DSL modem/AP/router I've had good success with the zoom adsl x6 from newegg under both linux and windows.
  10. kirk58 said:
    Which router brand?orshould i replace my single port dsl modem with a multiport.

    I like levelone or netgears
  11. My son told me he has a linux compatible linksys wireless router that i can try.he's coming over this weekend .we'll see.
  12. ordered linksys router still waiting.
  13. recieved linksys router,works good . thanks for the help.Now,what is good and easy to install mp3 player for linux?
  14. My sansa clip 1 GB freezes up when I try to connect it - that's one to stay away from.
  15. I'm thinking Rhythmbox, mplayer, vlc, xine, etc.

    Good luck :)
  16. You can install the free and non-free rpms from and yum install the mp3 libs, mplayer, vlc and all the extras, since mp3's got legal issues.

    Good luck :)
  17. I think we are confused - are you asking for a portable media player that will connect to linux or a program which will play mp3 format files on your computer?
  18. I'm thinking the latter.

    Semper Fi :)
  19. lol :D

    I think kirk58's covered either way.
  20. looking for a program that will play mp3 files.not a huge deal,just wondering.
  21. Head over to install the free and non-free rpms, yum update and yum install the mp3 libraries and mplayer, vlc Rhythmbox xine and the gstreamer extras.

    That'll let you play mp3s and all kinds of audio and video.

    Good luck :)
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