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I'm running Server 08 and my focus is WMS mainly to create broadcast to multiple users. My question to you guys would be (i'm noobie btw in this topic):

1) let say my Os installation is "fresh" do I need to setup DNS first. I mean do I have to setup actual ip server in order to get the streams out there? - If yes any good resource you guys would point out.

2)my ISP is COMCAST, I read somewhere that I would need "static IP" to do it. Will comcast help me with this OR i could set it up on my router for instance.

3)After DNS and WMS are setup how would I put the signal out to my clients. Let say put it in on my website i.e but what would be the source code etc... - any guides on this one would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for any comments in advance,
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  1. btw. HOW DO YOU KNOW if your DNS was configured correctly?!?!
  2. one more thing:
    1) I am doing tests of this server on my laptop. does it really matter if I'm using LAN or WIFI. Or should I be only set for LAN connection for my server?!?!
  3. anybody ?
  4. not sure about WMS.. but yes comcast can get you static IPs if you are a business customer for a fee. You will need to register a domain if you do not have one already from someone like you can then set the DNS on to your name servers (not sure if they will allow only 1) then you can test your dns by using the nslookup command
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