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Hi guys,
I am trying to get media sharing working between WMA 11 and my 360. Now I have done this before and I know what to do. However this time I had two services missing that are required - SSDP and UPnP hosting. I used sa create for SSDP, imported the registry info from the PC with the service and the related dll's and it worked fine after that.

However the same process doesnt work with the UPnP service. When I try to start it I get "error: 1083 the executable program that this service is configured to run in doe not implement the service".

No idea what that means apart from something is probably missing. Google hasnt been helpful and neither has MS. So can anyone tell me what this error may mean and how to fix it? Or what process to follow to create the service?

According to MS UPnP can be added and removed via the control panel. I can see the serives on the working PC but not on the balked one.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Windows admin,services or services.msc in the run command change the properties to ssdp to auto, and Universal Plug and Play Device Host to auto. if the service is not running start emup, also chech in addremove program in control panel, window components, under network services make sure it is installed.
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