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I am a computer dummy with a problem. We had a power failure overnight and my server, whihc was not turned off, suffered. Everything closed down improperly due to lack of power.
This morning, I noticed when I went to restart the unit that there was a message saying:
windos could not start due to a missing or corrupt file:
windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe

My problem is two-fold. First, I do not know how to proceed to re-install this file and Second, since this is my server and contains all my files and information, I don't want to lose any of it by simply re-installing wondows.

I am using Windows 2000NT as my operating system.

I tried shutting the unit off and re-starting while pressing the F8 key until a screen with message appeared. I was hoping it would be one that could prompt me to re-start using the last known working file.

That did not happen. Instead, what I see is a blue screen showing 3 options:
Please select boot device:
1st floppy drive
What can I do ? I don't understand any of those choices.
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    In your reply, all I see is a link for microsoft support. Is that your answer to my problem ? That I should go to that link and ask microsoft for help ?
  2. Did you actually go to the link? It's a KnowledgeBase article with a suggested fix for your problem.
  3. yes I did go to the link. After spending hours reading, I was no further ahead...nothing there could help me.

    My solution......remove the hard drive from the server unit, re-install it as a slave in another computer, extract the needed files from the hard drive so my office can at least function...albeit as separate stations without linking through a network.

    I will purchase a new server unit with all the bells and whistles that I need, have the link set up to unify all my work stations and the issue will be closed.

    Thanks to all who contributed any helpful suggestions to my problem
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