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HELP! My computer won't read Windows 7 DVD

My hdd started showing bad sectors, so I bought a new drive to install windows. I disconnected the old drive, connected the new one, plopped in my GENUINE, bought from the store Windows 7 disc and set the dvd drive to boot first in my bios menu.

The computer just kept asking me to insert bootable media, so I plugged my old drive back in, so at least I'd have a computer. I tried accessing the dvd from My Computer, but it says to inset a disc. So I tried another disc. The dvd read the other random disc without issue. I checked device manager, drivers are updated, no errors to troubleshoot. Tried the Windows dvd, and again, I got "please insert disc."

There are no apparent scratches on my windows dvd that would render it unreadable. It was in its case, there's no reason for it to get damaged, and it's not that old. I actually used the same disc in the same drive to repair a windows problem only a few weeks ago.

Please help. I don't want to have to buy a whole new operating system just because my hdd is messed up. Suggestions?
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    might be a stupid question are you sure you have a DVD drive?

    another option would be to connect both drives and clone your old drive to the new drive.

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  2. Are you sure you have a DVD drive and not a CD drive?
  3. Problem solved, but I still don't know what was wrong.

    I was using a dvd drive, and so was the backup I checked. Here's the stupid thing: I removed the dvd drive from my computer, installed a new one (not the second one I checked) and that did the trick. The other two drives seemed to be working, but I guess not well enough to satisfy the Windows 7 dvd.

    Anyway, the third drive booted and I installed the os. Thanks for the suggestions!
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