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I encountered a strange problem with the start menu of Windows XP. It started after launching a series of 100 Windows updates so I wan't really say which one caused it. (and I'd rather not turn back my system)

The problem is that start menu entries in the root of the All Programs Folder get deleted every time I restart my computer. The ones in subfolders stay. This is also the case if I go take a look at the folders in "Documents and settings", so the shortcuts really disappeared there. They're not hidden since I set Windows Explorer to show hidden files and I don't see them. What I do get is the following chortcut:

It always comes back after a restart if I delete it. If I take a look at the properties, I see the following:

Sorry 'bout the dutch language, but as you can see it's a shortcut to "My Computer". And it really works that way: if I click on it, "My Computer" opens in a new window.

Does anyone have any idea what I can do to resolve this?
I already executed the following command: "regsvr32 /i shell32.dll" and I also checked the User Shell Folders entries in the windows registry but they seem to be fine...

Thanks a lot,
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  1. Hi D@ffy

    I am having EXACTLY the same problem! Did you find a cure?
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