ASUS M4A785TD-M EVO problem with RAID

I have 3 HDD connected,one is IDE and two SATA. IDE is used for OS and SATAs are used as RAID 0+1 for storage.
Trying many times to install Ubuntu from CD,but during installation I got the error that one of files is corrupted, check your cd drive or hdd drive.
Tried to write the CD on different PCs,even created a boot USB with installation - the same.
I checked the HDD drive-no any errors...
At the end I disabled the RAID option(in BIOS)- it helped ! installation went without any problems!
Can anybody give me an explanation regarding it? Why the RAID affects the Primary IDE drive?
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  1. have you tried redownloading the image?
  2. yes, many times and from different sources.
    also checked the MD5 - which was right.
  3. my errors were the same like in the next topic(I do not know their HW configuration):
  4. Your RAID isn't really RAID it's fakeRAID. fakeRAID can cause all kinds of problems.

    Hardware RAID is a gazillion times better if you've got the money for it.

    Areca and 3Ware run great under Linux.

    Good luck :)
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