New Build keeps Restarting.....PLZ HELP

I just got through putting together my new system and now it won't boot. It restarts itself every couple of seconds. From researching, I found out that it could be the cpu overheating but I have taken the heatsink out and applied new thermal grease about five different times now. As far as i can see, the heatsink is properly applied. I've been messing with this for two days now but to no avail. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP. Could it be that either the mobo or the cpu is fried????? And if so, how can I be sure of that?

Intel e4300, Gigabyte p965-ds3 rev. 3.3, evga 7100 gpu, 1gb ram
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  1. also list the PSU.
    Try booting with no drives. No luck try to build it outside the case on cardboard. Many times you will short the motherboard on the tray without seeing anything.
  2. sorry forgot the psu & heatsink, it is a ultra 500w psu and the stock intel heatsink, i know the psu is working because i got it from my other pc where it was working perfectly....Also forgot to mention, in the begining when i had hooked up my mobo directly with the case, i was getting no power at all and then from google, I found out that I needed to put risers in the case becuase it was shorting the mobo and then when i did that, i started getting power but only for a couple of seconds and then it goes restarting crazy.

    Silly question, but if the mobo is getting shorted, what will happen? Will it work or should i rma it?
  3. If the PSU prevented a problem when it shorted, you are ok. But might have tried too many times and fried something. Start over with the Motherboard and RAM outside the case. Hope you hear beeps.
  4. I have taken out the mobo and tried it outside but still it keeps restarting. Should i try to take the hs out again and clean it and then reapply it? If not, what should i do? Thanks for the help, this s**t is driving me nuts
  5. You are trying: MB,CPU with HSF, Ram and Speaker? Do the fans start then reset? Yes, redo the thermal paste, as it is a freebie as for as parts checking goes. If you are hearing Beeps, then you can also try with out RAM.
  6. speaker??? I do have the speaker wire attached to my mobo but no beeps at all. Also, i dont see a speaker anywhere on the case, don't know which one you are taking about
  7. No luck man, just tried taking out the hs again and reapplied it but it keeps doing the same thing, the cpu fan comes on and powers off and on and off repeatedly.
  8. Can you still try the PSU in the other system, it is down to those 3 items,the favorite being MB
  9. i will try it and if it turns out to be good, then what?
  10. I guess RMA the MB
  11. Methinks that you have just wasted $78 and possibly a bit more.

    In the future, RTFM... That's what they are there for.

    Good luck on getting an RMA...
  12. thanks for all your input
  13. one last question, what should i say the reason for rma? what is wrong with it?
  14. I stuffed up and burned it up? Maybe the truth will suffice. If not,...
  15. You do not know why, just say it won't post
  16. just got a rma for the mobo, should i rma the cpu also or no?
  17. depends on the time frame. If the limit is a week or less, I might just to be safe. If you have time to get the MB back, I would wait, as I do not think the CPu is fried.
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