Windows Server 2003 with Windows Media Services

Hi There!

First off, I'm new to the topic. I'm trying to configure my server for media services purpose only. Keep in mind so far I have just a fresh install only w/ sp2 no configurations are done, just media services installed.

Does anyone knows "HOW TO" configure my server so I will be able to utilize WMS. I know how to setup WMS but what I don't know what are the prerequisite in order to get it work!

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for any guides/replies etc...



no services applied yet

WMS installed

Should I proceed with server wizard?-If yes what are the steps

my rig info?-will that be sufficient to stream video out of this pc
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  1. forgot to mention that the stream will be embed on the website and wmp will work as the output.

    Anybody has the clue how to setup my server or what configurations I need.

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