PS3 - Linux - HDD installation??? (dvd not working)


is it possible to install linux (any distro) directly frm the hdd or a flash without using dvd?
my dvd is damaged and i find it a good idea to play with linux before repairing.
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  1. Ya sure can, have a look at this linky

    You'll also be able to install inside a virtual machine like virtual box inside your existing operating system, although virtual machines aren't as good as the real thing ( a native install ).

    There's other installation methods but they're much more advanced. A USB install is the easiest way to install besides having a cd or dvd.

    Don't use WUBI it sucks ;)

    Good luck :)
  2. I think he's asking specifically about installing linux on his Sony Playstation 3 without using the Blu-ray drive. I'm not sure of the answer, but I can't say I remember ever seeing any option to boot off of USB or hdd within the PS3 ui.
  3. You're right :) I missed the PS3 part.

    If you can't boot from USB or a memory card you're probably stuck with the PS3 OS.
  4. As the PS3 allows the use of standard 2.5" notebook HDD's then anything is possible if you have a second machine..
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